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Legend - Active Service: 2G 900MHz, Proposed Service: (2G 900MHz), changed last 30 days: 2G 900MHz, last 90 days: 2G 900MHz
Note - * 2G Services have been switched off for all Australian providers.

ID / Location Telstra Optus Vodafone TPG NBN
Op 6450030
Unnamed Road off Alexander Rd HOWICK WA 6450
 (3G 900MHz)
O 6728030
Imintji Roadhouse Lot 16 Derby-Gibb River Road KING LEOPOLD RANGES WA 6728
  3G 900MHz 
Op 6450029
Unnamed Road CAPE LE GRAND WA 6450
 (3G 900MHz)
Op 6740017
Drysdale River Station Unnamed Road DRYSDALE RIVER WA 6740
 (3G 900MHz)
O 6743036
El Questro Station 708 Plan 221148 GIBB RIVER WYNDHAM RD DURACK WA 6743
 (4G 700MHz)   3G 900MHz 
Op 6743040
Gibb River Rd GIBB WA 6743
 (3G 900MHz)
O 6743039
Gibb River - Wyndham Road DURACK WA 6743
 (4G 700MHz)   3G 900MHz 
O 6743038
Gibb River-Wyndham Rd DURACK WA 6743
  3G 900MHz 
O 6440022
Serpentine Lakes Road BEADELL WA 6440
  3G 900MHz 
Op 6740016
Community Resource Visitor Centre Carson Street KALUMBURU WA 6740
 (3G 900MHz)
Op 6751085
Dales Road KARIJINI WA 6751
 (3G 900MHz)
O 6751083
Unnamed Road off Weano Rd KARIJINI WA 6751
  3G 900MHz 
O 6751084
Unnamed Road off Banjima Dr KARIJINI WA 6751
  3G 900MHz 
Op 6701029
Unnamed Road Off Lyons River Rd KENNEDY RANGE WA 6701
 (3G 900MHz)
Op MBSP2-WA-038
Millstream Homestead, MBSP2-WA-038, Small Cell:Yes
 (?G ???MHz)
Op 6770029
Lot 7 Tanami Road STURT CREEK WA 6770
 (3G 900MHz)
O 6705015
Landor-Mount Augustus Road EAST LYONS RIVER WA 6705
  3G 900MHz 
Op 6728031
Mount Barnett Roadhouse Derby-Gibb River Road KING LEOPOLD RANGES WA 6728
 (3G 900MHz)
Op 6770028
Purnululu NP PURNULULU WA 6770
 (3G 900MHz)
Op 6770030
Purnululu National Park Unnamed Road PURNULULU WA 6770
 (3G 900MHz)
Op 6770027
Purnululu NP ORD RIVER WA 6770
 (3G 900MHz)
Op 0872151
Tjirrkarli Aboriginal CommunityUnnamed Road GIBSON DESERT SOUTH WA 0872
 (3G 900MHz)
O 6431009
Unnamed Road Near Airstrip PLUMRIDGE LAKES WA 6431
  3G 900MHz 
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