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Legend - Active Service: 2G 900MHz, Proposed Service: (2G 900MHz), changed last 30 days: 2G 900MHz, last 90 days: 2G 900MHz
Note - * 2G Services have been switched off for all Australian providers.

ID / Location Telstra Optus Vodafone TPG NBN
Op 0822088
14580 Arnhem Highway KAKADU NT 0822
 (3G 900MHz)
Op MBSP2-NT-002
Bark Hut Inn, MBSP2-NT-002, Small Cell:Yes
 (?G ???MHz)
O 0852089
27010 Carpentaria Highway MCARTHUR NT 0852
 (4G 700MHz)   3G 900MHz 
O 0872143
Service Road off Stuart Hwy DAVENPORT NT 0872
  3G 900MHz 
Op 0822089
Florence Falls 2wd Campground LITCHFIELD PARK NT 0822
 (3G 900MHz)
O 0872147
Gemtree Caravan Park6990 Plenty Highway ANMATJERE NT 0872
  3G 900MHz 
O 0872146
Kings Canyon Resort20049 Larapinta Drive PETERMANN NT 0872
  3G 900MHz 
O 0872144
Kings Creek StationKings Creek Caravan Road PETERMANN NT 0872
  3G 900MHz 
Op MBSP2-NT-011
Litchfield Ranger Station, MBSP2-NT-011, Small Cell:No
 (?G ???MHz)
O 0822090
Mary River Roadhouse 5816 Kakadu Highway BURRUNDIE NT 0822
  3G 900MHz 
O 0872145
Stuarts Well Roadhouse8844 Stuart Highway HUGH NT 0872
  3G 900MHz 
O 0852099
Victoria River Roadhouse19405 Victoria Highway GREGORY NT 0852
  3G 900MHz 
Op 0822091
Wangi Falls Car Park Wangi Falls LITCHFIELD PARK NT 0822
 (3G 900MHz)
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