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Legend - Active Service: 2G 900MHz, Proposed Service: (2G 900MHz), changed last 30 days: 2G 900MHz, last 90 days: 2G 900MHz
Note - * 2G Services have been switched off for all Australian providers.

ID / Location Telstra Optus Vodafone TPG NBN
TO 7030046
2 Elderslie Road BRIGHTON TAS 7030
  3G 850MHz 
  4G 700MHz 
  4G 1800MHz 
  3G 900MHz 
  3G 2100MHz 
  4G 700MHz 
 (3G 900MHz)
 (3G 2100MHz)
 (4G 850MHz)
 (4G 1800MHz)
 (4G 2100MHz)
T 7140036
Bradys Tower Road (Formally known as Victoria Valley Road, Dee 7140) TARRALEAH TAS 7140
  3G 850MHz 
  4G 700MHz 
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