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Legend - Active Service: 2G 900MHz, Proposed Service: (2G 900MHz), changed last 30 days: 2G 900MHz, last 90 days: 2G 900MHz
Note - * 2G Services have been switched off for: Telstra and Optus.

ID / Location Telstra * Optus * Vodafone TPG NBN
TO 5276001
Evans Cave Rd ROBE SA 5276
  3G 850MHz 
  3G 2100MHz 
  4G 700MHz 
 (4G 900MHz)
  4G 1800MHz 
  4G 2600MHz 
  2G 900MHz 
  3G 900MHz 
 (3G 2100MHz)
 (4G 700MHz)
  4G 900MHz 
 (4G 2600MHz)
 (2G 900MHz)
 (3G 850MHz)
 (3G 900MHz)
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