Mobile black spot programme, Round 2 - December 2016

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Legend - Active Service: 2G 900MHz, Proposed Service: (2G 900MHz), changed last 30 days: 2G 900MHz, last 90 days: 2G 900MHz

ID Location Telstra Optus Vodafone NBN
Vp MBSP2-NSW-001 Mount Hourigan, MBSP2-NSW-001, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-NSW-002 Baldersleigh, MBSP2-NSW-002, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-NSW-003 Ballimore, MBSP2-NSW-003, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-NSW-004 Barragga Bay, MBSP2-NSW-004, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-NSW-005 Brierfield, MBSP2-NSW-005, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-NSW-006 Byabarra-Bagnoo Road, MBSP2-NSW-006, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-NSW-007 Calga Airport, MBSP2-NSW-007, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Vp MBSP2-NSW-008 The Yellow Mountain, MBSP2-NSW-008, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
N 2480019 10 Fraser Rd DUNOON NSW 2480  (3G 850MHz)
 (4G 700MHz)
 (3G 900MHz)
 (4G 700MHz)
 (4G 1800MHz)
  4G 2300MHz 
Op MBSP2-NSW-010 Firefly, MBSP2-NSW-010, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-NSW-011 Girvan, MBSP2-NSW-011, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-NSW-012 Hargraves, MBSP2-NSW-012, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-NSW-013 Koonorigan, MBSP2-NSW-013, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-NSW-014 Koreelah, MBSP2-NSW-014, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-NSW-015 Lost River, MBSP2-NSW-015, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-NSW-016 Mount Burrell, MBSP2-NSW-016, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-NSW-017 Mount McDonald, MBSP2-NSW-017, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
O 2420007 Gardiners Road Hilldale NSW 2420   3G 900MHz 
  3G 2100MHz 
  4G 700MHz 
  4G 2600MHz 
Op MBSP2-NSW-019 Napoleon Reef, MBSP2-NSW-019, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-NSW-020 Niemur, MBSP2-NSW-020, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op 2453016 Sheas Road CLOUDS CREEK NSW 2453  (3G 900MHz)
 (3G 2100MHz)
 (4G 700MHz)
 (4G 1800MHz)
Tp MBSP2-NSW-022 Old Wagga Road South, MBSP2-NSW-022, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-NSW-023 Peelwood Road, MBSP2-NSW-023, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-NSW-024 Pinkett, MBSP2-NSW-024, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-NSW-025 Rye Park, MBSP2-NSW-025, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-NSW-026 South Cadia, MBSP2-NSW-026, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-NSW-027 Spencer, MBSP2-NSW-027, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op 2775010 19 Upper MacDonald Road St Albans NSW 2775  (3G 900MHz)
 (3G 2100MHz)
 (4G 700MHz)
 (4G 1800MHz)
 (4G 2300MHz)
 (4G 2600MHz)
Op MBSP2-NSW-029 Summer Hill Creek, MBSP2-NSW-029, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-NSW-030 Temora West, MBSP2-NSW-030, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op 2706005 The Homestead Off Sturt Hwy Darlington Point NSW 2706  (3G 900MHz)
 (3G 2100MHz)
 (4G 700MHz)
 (4G 1800MHz)
Op MBSP2-NSW-032 Trungley Hall, MBSP2-NSW-032, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-NSW-033 Waldaira, MBSP2-NSW-033, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-NSW-034 Wee Jasper, MBSP2-NSW-034, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-NSW-035 Westella, MBSP2-NSW-035, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op 2250074 Karingal Equestrian Centre, 2790 Wisemans Ferry Road MANGROVE MOUNTAIN NSW 2250  (3G 900MHz)
 (3G 2100MHz)
 (4G 700MHz)
 (4G 1800MHz)
 (4G 2300MHz)
 (4G 2600MHz)
Vp MBSP2-NSW-037 Doughboy Mountain, MBSP2-NSW-037, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-NSW-038 Woodhill, MBSP2-NSW-038, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-NSW-039 Yarrabandinni, MBSP2-NSW-039, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-NT-001 Aurora Kakadu , MBSP2-NT-001, Small Cell:Yes  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-NT-002 Bark Hut Inn, MBSP2-NT-002, Small Cell:Yes  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-NT-003 Bynoe, MBSP2-NT-003, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-NT-004 Cape Crawford, MBSP2-NT-004, Small Cell:Yes  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-NT-005 Chinner Road, MBSP2-NT-005, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-NT-006 Devils Marbles Hotel, MBSP2-NT-006, Small Cell:Yes  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-NT-007 Florence Falls, MBSP2-NT-007, Small Cell:Yes  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-NT-008 Gem Tree, MBSP2-NT-008, Small Cell:Yes  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-NT-009 Kings Canyon Resort, MBSP2-NT-009, Small Cell:Yes  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-NT-010 Kings Creek Station, MBSP2-NT-010, Small Cell:Yes  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-NT-011 Litchfield Ranger Station, MBSP2-NT-011, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-NT-012 Mary River Roadhouse, MBSP2-NT-012, Small Cell:Yes  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-NT-013 Stuarts Well Roadhouse, MBSP2-NT-013, Small Cell:Yes  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-NT-014 Victoria River Roadhouse, MBSP2-NT-014, Small Cell:Yes  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-NT-015 Wangi Falls, MBSP2-NT-015, Small Cell:Yes  (?G ???MHz)
Tp 4627002 7 CHURCH ST ABERCORN QLD 4627  (3G 850MHz)
 (4G 700MHz)
N 4670032 Avondale 225 Avondale Rd AVONDALE QLD 4670  (3G 900MHz)
 (3G 2100MHz)
 (4G 700MHz)
 (4G 1800MHz)
  4G 2300MHz 
Tp MBSP2-QLD-003 Ayton, MBSP2-QLD-003, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-QLD-004 Landsborough Highway A, MBSP2-QLD-004, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
O 4487014 Lot 19 on BLM899 Castlereagh Highway ST GEORGE QLD 4487   3G 900MHz 
  4G 700MHz 
O 4455017 Lot 14 on Crown Plan WV1601 TINGUN QLD 4455   3G 900MHz 
  4G 700MHz 
O 4490019 Mitchell Highway COONGOOLA QLD 4490   3G 900MHz 
  4G 700MHz 
O 4490018 Lot 9 on plan RP150778 CUNNAMULLA QLD 4490   3G 900MHz 
  4G 700MHz 
 (4G 700MHz)
Tp MBSP2-QLD-010 Belyando Service Station , MBSP2-QLD-010, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-QLD-011 Boodjamulla National Park, MBSP2-QLD-011, Small Cell:Yes  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-QLD-012 Boreen Point, MBSP2-QLD-012, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-QLD-013 Bowen Development Road, MBSP2-QLD-013, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp 4490003 LOT 44 Plan WN223 MOONJAREE RADIO TOWER EULO QLD 4490  (3G 850MHz)
 (4G 700MHz)
Tp MBSP2-QLD-015 Bundoran Road, MBSP2-QLD-015, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-QLD-016 Bungundarra, MBSP2-QLD-016, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-QLD-017 Bunundarra, MBSP2-QLD-017, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-QLD-018 Burke and Wills Roadhouse, MBSP2-QLD-018, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op 4873011 Camping Ground off Cape Tribulation Rd Cape Tribulation QLD 4873  (3G 900MHz)
Op MBSP2-QLD-020 Carnarvon Gorge Visitor Centre, MBSP2-QLD-020, Small Cell:Yes  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-QLD-021 Carnarvon Wilderness Lodge, MBSP2-QLD-021, Small Cell:Yes  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-QLD-022 Cedar Vale, MBSP2-QLD-022, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-QLD-023 Boreen Point West, MBSP2-QLD-023, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-QLD-024 Danbulla, MBSP2-QLD-024, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-QLD-025 Deepwater, MBSP2-QLD-025, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp 4480026 LOT 10 QUILPIE - EROMANGA RD QUILPIE QLD 4480  (3G 850MHz)
 (4G 700MHz)
Op MBSP2-QLD-027 Haden, MBSP2-QLD-027, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-QLD-028 Esk-Hampton Road, MBSP2-QLD-028, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp 4822005 FLINDERS HWY MAXWELTON QLD 4822  (3G 850MHz)
 (4G 700MHz)
Tp MBSP2-QLD-030 Goomburra, MBSP2-QLD-030, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-QLD-031 Gordonbrook, MBSP2-QLD-031, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-QLD-032 Gregory Developmental Road A, MBSP2-QLD-032, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-QLD-033 Gregory Developmental Road B, MBSP2-QLD-033, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-QLD-034 Hampton, MBSP2-QLD-034, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
 (4G 700MHz)
Tp MBSP2-QLD-036 Hutchinson Street, MBSP2-QLD-036, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-QLD-037 Injinoo, MBSP2-QLD-037, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-QLD-038 Irvinebank, MBSP2-QLD-038, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-QLD-039 Jobson Road, MBSP2-QLD-039, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-QLD-040 Kholo, MBSP2-QLD-040, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
N 4574004 Kidaman Creek 299 Kidaman Creek Road KIDAMAN CREEK QLD 4574  (3G 900MHz)
 (3G 2100MHz)
 (4G 700MHz)
 (4G 1800MHz)
  4G 2300MHz 
Tp MBSP2-QLD-042 Lake Barrine, MBSP2-QLD-042, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Tp MBSP2-QLD-043 Lamington National Park Road, MBSP2-QLD-043, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
 (4G 700MHz)
Tp MBSP2-QLD-045 Maaroom, MBSP2-QLD-045, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
Op MBSP2-QLD-046 Maidenwell, MBSP2-QLD-046, Small Cell:No  (?G ???MHz)
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