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Mid March Update

18 Mar 2015

In the last couple weeks NBN has really ramped up its tower rollout activating 44 towers. Optus continues its rapid 4G rollout activating 133 sites and will probably catch Telstra on raw 4G towers by the end of the month. By contrast Telstra activated a lackluster 15 sites, while Vodafone activated a respectable 81 Sites in the past 2 weeks.

Telstra activated 37 Low Band LTE towers (700mhz) in the past 2 weeks, Optus 103 (700Mhz) and Vodafone 138 (850 Mhz). Vodafone has really been focusing on 3G850 in rural areas also, so it appears their rollout is not slowing at all but speeding up also.

End of Feb Update

02 Mar 2015

The 4G roll-out continues, in the past 2 weeks Telstra has upgraded 23 sites, Vodafone 135 sites but Optus has upgraded a staggering 219 sites. NBN has activated a steady 17 sites.

If we look at 700Mhz only Optus is going gang busters as expected, probably a good indication of their lackluster low band performance in the past. In the last couple weeks they have upgraded 176 sites, where as Telstra has only added 700Mhz to 41 sites.

Mid Feb Update

18 Feb 2015

Optus is going nuts with its 700Mhz roll out. Its outpacing Telstra by over 2 to 1. Telstra is focusing its efforts in QLD and VIC whereas Optus seems to be focusing on NSW and VIC. NBN numbers are over 1600 sites now both active and proposed. Keep in mind in some towns their proposals have failed so they have resubmitted a second site for approval.

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