Mid July Update

18 Jul 2018

Optus this fortnight is rolling out 4G2100 at an astonishing pace with 267 sites upgraded. Optus is taking the previously used 3G2100 spectrum and reassigning it to 4G, QLD and WA were the main focus with 116 and 88 respectively, VIC and NSW have received these upgrades recently but more have been proposed. Optus also managed 15 new sites with QLD and NSW receiving the bulk. Optus also announced its first batch of 5G3500 sites, and currently has 26 sites around Melbourne and Sydney.

Vodafone, like Optus is also reassigning spectrum but focusing on the 900mhz band going from 2G to 4G with their recent 2G switch off. Vodafone managed 103 site upgrades with 84 in VIC, Vodafone also managed 7 new sites all in metro areas.

Telstra managed 19 new sites with many in rural areas, QLD and NSW receiving the bulk with 7 and 6 respectively. Telstra is currently finalizing the first round of the blackspot program so expect many more sites getting activated over the remainder of the year. Telstra also managed to upgrade a further 65 sites with the bulk in NSW, Telstra’s focus remains 4G700 and 4G2600. Telstra also continues to make 5G site proposals.

TPG has added another 100 sites to its list of proposed sites. Although only 18 are showing up for this fortnight, many sites get delayed before they are published so that’s what accounts for the discrepancy.

NBN activated 5 sites and upgraded a further 10 with 12 more proposals for upgrade. This writer's fixed wireless NBN experience is deteriorating, I have rarely seen any speed above 30mb/s even at off-peak times and recently peek speeds have been dropping below 6mb/s. Aussie Broadband also removed my $11 discount without any notification, but given that I'm paying for 50mb/s, an $11 discount doesn’t even seem appropriate. 

The low band 700mhz 4G gap between Optus and Telstra has decrease by 27 sites as Telstra ramps up. Optus is only ahead of Telstra in 4G700 by 799 sites.

Mobile phone coverage switched on for Grattai

22 Jul 2018

The the switch on of a new mobile base station at Grattai is expected to improve coverage in the area which was included in the Mobile Black Spot Program.

“Black spots in Calare have been a source of irritation for quite some time, so it’s great to see them being cleared up,” Federal Member for Calare Andrew Gee said.

“They are an impediment to country business expansion and can be downright dangerous in an emergency when help is needed fast.

“It’s vitally important that we keep chipping away at these black spots.”

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Mobile blackspots: Are they an unexpected boost for regional tourism?

22 Jul 2018

For most businesses, being located in a mobile blackspot would make them unworkable.

But for Karen and Stephen Maxwell, it's a feature they — and their customers — are learning to embrace.

The couple runs a bed and breakfast on an 80-acre bush block at Glencoe, in South Australia's south-east.

Powered entirely by solar energy and located in the scrub, there's little reception on the property — and "no chance" of getting mobile service inside the cottage they rent out to visitors.

"We advertise it on that basis, that it is a little bit remote — it's off the beaten track," Mr Maxwell said.

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NBN Co blames fixed wireless take-up, usage for congestion

22 Jul 2018

NBN Co has revealed almost 28 percent of its fixed wireless towers have seen take-up rates at least 2.5 times higher than those assumed in planning in 2011.

The network builder said this week that, as of June 18, it had “549 fixed wireless towers [that] have a take-up rate of more than 50 percent.”

“Of these, eight have a take-up rate of more than 80 percent,” it said.

Given it had 1972 towers “on-air” at that time, it means a shade under 28 percent of the fixed wireless network has seen the higher take-up rates.

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Telstra, Vic government partner for new mobile base stations

20 Jul 2018

Telstra today detailed its plan to construct 17 new mobile base stations across Victoria, with the telco and the state government each chipping in $7 million to fund the rollout.

In addition the telco said it would put up to $1 million towards the rollout of small cells and Telstra Go Repeaters’ — a range of portable and fixed mobile repeaters launched in May — in Victoria’s emergency service operation centres and vehicles.

“Among the 17 new bases stations are Benloch East in the Macedon Ranges, Annuello in the Mallee, Cobungra in the Alpine National Park and Buckland Valley near Mt Buffalo,” Telstra’s executive director, network commercial and construction engineering, Sri Amirthalingam, wrote in a blog entry.

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Telstra gets $7M in Vic Govt partnership

20 Jul 2018

Telstra has been awarded more than $7 million in government funding to supply new base stations across Victoria.

The new partnership with the Victorian Government will see 17 new base stations built across the state.

In a blog post, Telstra executive director for network commercial and construction engineering, Sri Amirthalingham, said the $7 million funding will be matched, taking the investment to more than $14 million.


“We will now commence the detailed planning and approvals process, with a view to connecting the sites by the end of December 2019,” Amirthalingham said.

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More mobile phone towers

20 Jul 2018

COMMUNICATIONS are set to improve in a number of the region’s most remote locations with the State Government announcing the locations of its latest round of mobile phone towers this week.

As part of round three of the Victorian Mobile Black Spot Project (VMBSP), the government is partnering with Optus and Telstra to build 28 new mobile towers across the state, with Carboor (Telstra), Cheshunt South (Telstra), Warby Range (Optus), and Woolshed Valley (Telstra) named on the list of locations.

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2018 Regional Telecommunications Review Committee to visit Tamworth

20 Jul 2018

THE 2018 Regional Telecommunications Review Committee will visit Tamworth next week.

The committee gets together every three years to examine telecommunication services issues in regional, rural and remote areas. 

Six members from across Australia have been appointed to the Committee including Tamworth’s Robbie Sefton, who will fly the flag for the region when the committee convenes for a consultation meeting in Tamworth on July 25.

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Katandra West calls for dependable mobile service answered

20 Jul 2018

After a long, long time spent on hold, Katandra West’s calls for a dependable mobile service finally appear to be getting answered.

Reliable mobile connectivity is set to be in place for the town and surrounds by late next year, after Katandra West was included in the latest round of state funding to build phone towers and remove areas of poor coverage.

The town was yesterday revealed as being successful in the Victorian Government’s Mobile Black Spot Project, the latest round of which saw $11million allocated to build towers in 28 communities struggling for connectivity.

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Calls for better mobile coverage answered

20 Jul 2018

MOBILES are ringing and downloading for the first time in the Coast's hinterland with state of the art mobile technology now available.

Telstra area general manager May Boisen joined Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield and Federal Member for Fairfax Ted O'Brien to launch a new mobile base station that addresses a notorious black spot in Dulong.

It is among more than 650 sites being delivered by Telstra across the nation under the program.

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