Mid April Update

17 Apr 2018

The Blackspot Priority Locations round has been announced and locations can now be found under the "BlackSpot" menu here on OzTowers. Please note however that exact tower locations have not yet been released so the map only shows a rough guesstimation and should only be used as a guide. Locations will be updated as more information becomes available.

Not to be outdone by Vodafone, Optus appears to be ramping up again with 33 new sites, 15 of those on the Gold Coast and likely active for some weeks prior to the commonwealth games.  Optus continues with their 4G2100 and 4G1800 rollouts with 90 upgraded sites along with proposals for over 100 more.

Telstra appears to be ramping up its Blackspot rollout with a further 15 new sites now activated this fortnight with many being blackspot related. Telstra also managed to upgrade a further 44 sites with 4G2600 and 4G700 continuing to be the main focus.

Vodafone, taking a bit of a breather managed only 1 new site and 56 site upgrades. 44 of those upgrades were in metro Melbourne and consisted exclusively of NB-IOT 900Mhz.

TPG continues to roll out its new network with another 30 proposals 11 around Sydney from the CBD to out around Homebush, and another 19 located both north and south of Melbourne’s CBD.

NBN also activated 10 new sites around the country, with 7 site upgrades, and 1 new site proposal also reported.

The low band 700mhz 4G gap between Optus and Telstra has decreased by 6 sites. Optus is still ahead of Telstra in 4G700 by 844 sites.

Optus wants tower in 'critically important' environment area

21 Apr 2018

TWO Byron Shire councillors said they would only be "chasing rabbits down a rabbit hole” if the council did not approve a new Optus mobile phone tower.

Optus has lodged a development application to council to construct a mobile tower in the North Byron Parklands, given the influx of people the area receives for music festivals each year.

The tower would also benefit residents in Wooyung and Yelgun - which has been identified as a mobile blackspot area.

Councillors Paul Spooner and Alan Hunter said they supported staff recommendations to move ahead with the project and moved an amendment to call on councillors to give their consent moving forward.

"I don't see anything that has occurred that can back us up for knocking us back,” Cr Spooner said.

Cr Spooner said if the council was to knock back the development would be "hypocritical”.

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A new mobile phone tower planned for Firefly

21 Apr 2018

Optus will install a new macro-base station to power a new mobile phone tower to service the Firefly area, delivering on the Federal Coalition Government’s election commitment to invest funds to eliminate the mobile blackspot area.

Telstra also have a number of new towers planned to go in across NSW.

Federal Member for Lyne, Dr David Gillespie said the tower adds to the growing list of additional towers to be installed in his electorate as part of the ongoing roll-out of communications infrastructure, which includes the Coalition Government’s $220 million mobile black spot program.

“I’m delighted that both Telstra and Optus have responded with bids to build new towers in the latest round of funding under our mobile black spot program,” Dr Gillespie said.

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Residents left disconnected

19 Apr 2018

Residents on the north side of Strathbogie Shire were left without mobile phone and internet access for more than 24 hours up to yesterday afternoon.

Monday’s outage covered a wide area including Marraweeney, Boho South, Gooram, Kithbrook and Strathbogie with Facebook users posting about difficulties further afield. ‘‘Euroa was really bad today,’’ Facebook user Karen Malloch said.

Residents asked Telstra for an explanation and talked of the frustration for small business operators.

Telstra area general manager Steve Tinker said there was damage to the fibre optic cable.

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Village, highway get needed mobile boost from new tower

19 Apr 2018

Ballimore residents are benefiting from improved mobile coverage, following the installation of a new mobile base station.

The 40 metre tower is 25 kilometres east of Dubbo and will provide new coverage for almost five kilometres along the Golden Highway.

The Telstra tower is part of the Federal Government’s Mobile Black Spot Program.

It was a significant moment for the Ballimore community, Telstra area general manager Mike Marom said.

“The new mobile base station at Ballimore delivers Telstra’s 3G and state of the art 4GX mobile data services to the area for the first time,” Mr Marom said.

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Vic govt fixes mobile blackspots on regional trains

18 Apr 2018

In partnership with the major telcos.

The Victorian government expects to eliminate blackspots on the state’s five busiest regional rail corridors by the end the year after fitting its first trains with mobile signal boosters.

The $18 million regional rail connectivity project (RRCP) is aimed at improving mobile coverage for passengers along the Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Traralgon, and Seymour rail lines.

It will see V/Line’s entire fleet of Vlocity trains fitted with mobile signal repeaters, following a successful trial of the in-train technology last year.

Thirty-five new mobile towers are also being constructed in partnership with Telstra, Vodafone and Optus to increase coverage in tandem with the boosters.

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Telstra mobile base stations boost region's connectivity

18 Apr 2018

TWO new Telstra mobile base stations at Ravensbourne and Doctor Creek have boosted coverage for residents.

The stations were funded by the Federal Government's Mobile Black Spot program and will boost and improve mobile coverage.

Telstra area general manager Darren Clark said the stations coming online was a "significant moment" for Ravensbourne and Doctor Creek residents.

"The new mobile base station at Ravensbourne and on Haden Maclagan Road at Doctor Creek delivers Telstra's 3G and state-of-the-art 4GX mobile data services to the region for the first time," he said.

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Mobile blackspots: No signal and little progress

18 Apr 2018

MOBILE blackspots are putting lives at risk, according to the Victorian Farmers Federation.

VFF vice-president Brett Hosking said there were still unmarked blackspot areas with no guarantee of government help in the near future.

“Every rural community will tell you about them, because every rural community knows about them,” Mr Hosking said.

“If every workplace deserves telecommunications, then for a farmer their workplace is in the paddock.”

State and federal governments have promised to fix more mobile blackspots, but farmers continue to be caught out, unable to call for help when injured or in danger.

In October, South Gippsland farmer Rodney Donat broke his neck in a farming accident and was forced to ride a motorbike back to his house to call an ambulance.

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Gunbower is left in the black(spot)

17 Apr 2018

THE Victorian Government has axed its contribution to a program aimed at fixing mobile blackspots despite pleas for better services from the Gunbower community.

The Federal Government’s $220 million mobile blackspot program is fixing problems with mobile phone coverage for thousands of regional Victorians.

The Commonwealth announced the program’s latest milestones today, including installation of a Telstra Macro Base Station at Gunbower.

Member for Murray Plains Peter Walsh said the Federal Government’s Program will build confidence in the Gunbower community.

“Better mobile phone coverage means it’s easier to do business, keep in touch with family and friends and stay up-to-date on current events that impact our lives every day,” Mr Walsh said.

“Despite the positive progress from the Commonwealth, the Andrews Labor Government has shamefully refused to contribute to the latest round of improvements.

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Optus rumoured to close Virgin Mobile in Australia

16 Apr 2018

MVNOs are very popular in Australia with many users opting for the resellers’ cheaper prices for phone and data access. One such MVNO is Virgin Mobile, previously jointly owned by Optus and Virgin Mobile UK but now wholly owned by Optus after they bought out Richard Branson’s share in 2006. Now, The Australian is reporting that the MVNO will be no more.

The Australian believes that Optus is getting ready to shutter Virgin Mobile Australia and migrate all users over to Optus — those customers ready are, in effect, Optus customers, except in name. In the process Optus, will no longer have to pay branding licence fees to Virgin Mobile.

When queried about the story, Virgin Australia PR directed our enquiry to Optus, which leads us to believe there’s something in this story. For their part, an Optus spokesperson told Ausdroid:

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