Optus roasts 5G small cell property placement rules

12 Apr 2019

Humbly requests national reform across three levels of government.

Telecommunications carrier Optus has hit out at a lack of coordination between federal, state and local regulations that govern how mobile phone cells and towers are deployed, branding current arrangements as unfit for the 5G era.

The telco on Friday issued a substantial positioning paper on “Deployment Reform” need for a national 5G rollout, saying that present regulations dictating the how and where of cell deployment were written for the 3G and 4G kit where base stations and cells can be a kilometre apart.

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Proposed telecommunications facility in Birregurra deferred

12 Apr 2019

Colac Otway Shire Council has deferred a decision on a planning permit for a 20-metre Telstra monopole in the centre of Birregurra to seek community feedback and clarification on black spot funding.

Shire Mayor Cr Jason Schram said Council understood how important improved mobile phone coverage was to the community and wanted to seek feedback on the proposed location of the tower due to the impact it may have on the neighbourhood character of Birregurra’s main street.

“Council deferred an application yesterday for the construction of a 20-metre-high Telstra telecommunications monopole at 52‐54 Jenner Street, Birregurra,” Cr Schram said.

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Optus mobile black spot program continues apace

12 Apr 2019

Optus continues the rollout of its black spot program with a new tower switched on in the NSW town of Curlewis to give improved mobile coverage across the Liverpool Plains area.

Optus says the new tower will address a known black spot identified by the local community, providing them with dedicated mobile reception to make and receive calls, texts and access mobile data.

Optus’ Territory general manager for North West New South Wales, Chris Simon, said, “This will be the first time Curlewis has had dedicated Optus mobile coverage, providing real choice and competition for residents and businesses in the area.

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Eugowra calls in a new mobile tower

12 Apr 2019

Mobile black spots in the region are slowly being phased out, with four new Optus towers switched on.

Eugowra, Bribbaree, Cultowa and Gooloogong are the latest towns that have had their mobile coverage improved through the Federal Government's Mobile Black Spot Program.

The program was rolled out in 2015 and aims to improve mobile coverage and competition across Australia.

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4G Mobile Broadband Is Finally Worth The Money

10 Apr 2019

Mobile broadband plans used to come in two flavours - 'bugger all data' or 'expensive as buggery'. They were chiefly used by metro home businesses with plenty of cash to burn. Thankfully, those days are now over.

Mobile broadband is an internet service provided over Australia's mobile networks - typically via a SIM card that you insert into a wireless modem. For the past few months, the price of 4G mobile broadband plans has been steadily declining. At the same time, data allowances are getting more and more generous.

The result is that you can now get up to 500GB of data from a major telco for as little as $80 per month. While this wont suit every type of user - online gamers, we're looking at you - it's definitely enough for an average family's streaming and downloading demands.

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Huawei ban gives Telstra unfair advantage: Vodafone

10 Apr 2019

The government's ban on Huawei equipping Australia's 5G networks has handed Telstra an unfair advantage because it is the only mobile operator that doesn't rely on the Chinese telco giant's kit, Vodafone Hutchison Australian chief executive Inaki Berroeta says.

Mr Berroeta accused the government of rushing into its ban on Huawei equipment, and warned of "profound, long-term impacts" on the industry as a result.

The federal government announced the ban last August, following a US government campaign to persuade its allies that Chinese telecommunications equipment posed a security threat.

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NBN Co's wireless congestion likely worse than reported

10 Apr 2019

Urgent work underway to fix one in ten backhaul links suffering packet loss.

NBN Co may have under-reported levels of congestion on its fixed wireless network after revealing one in ten - or 250 - microwave and fibre transmission links suffer unacceptable levels of packet loss, and that this isn't captured in publicly-reported numbers.

The network builder said today it is performing a fast-tracked piece of work to add capacity to the 250 impacted links, with improvements expected before the federal election.

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Mobile coverage to get big boost

10 Apr 2019

FED up with mobile service dropping in and out, visitors and workers alike will be able to have their say on digital connectivity as Maranoa MP seeks to improve mobile black spots in the Balonne.

Maranoa MP David Littleproud said he would need community and local council involvement to nominate spots in their region where their mobile service failed, with round 5 of the Mobile Black Spot Program application process now open.

"Breaks in our communications hinder emergency services, tourism, and business,” Mr Littleproud said.

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Labor budget reply: Shorten to offer ‘genuine alternative’ for regions

10 Apr 2019

LABOR says it will offer regional Australia “a genuine alternative” for regional Australia if elected, but the National Farmers’ Federation wants more information on its policies.

In his Budget reply last week, federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said if Labor wins the federal election it would ensure better support for dairy farmers to get a fair deal and would work to restore the health of the Murray-Darling river system.

He said Labor would also prioritise assistance to help restock the North Queensland cattle herd.

In recent weeks Labor has announced new investments in eliminating mobile black spots and will commit to “a more reliable NBN for small business” in regional areas, while extra resources will also go to regional news and emergency broadcasting, should Labor win the election.

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Optus CEO says 5G offers gigabit upgrade path for NBN, pushes new model for last mile

09 Apr 2019

Optus CEO Allen Lew has called for the government and NBN Co to consider 5G wireless technology as an upgrade path for those parts of the National Broadband Network where performance is limited by the use of copper wiring, and as an alternative to laying additional fibre to households to deliver faster speeds.

The chief executive today said the government should consider a scheme run in a somewhat similar fashion to the Mobile Blackspot Program, with NBN Co leasing 5G capacity from telcos, which would bid to provide 5G coverage in a particular area.

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