NBN Co urged to move into Layer 3

21 Nov 2018

For satellite and fixed wireless services.

NBN Co is being encouraged by a parliamentary committee to move beyond Layer 2 services on both the satellite and fixed wireless portions of its network.

The second joint committee report on the NBN, released yesterday afternoon, urges NBN Co to move up the stack, with the ultimate aim of improving capacity utilisation, data allowances and customer experience.

“The committee recommends that NBN Co materially expand its 'Layer 3' capabilities to better utilise satellite capacity and improve the customer experience,” the report says.

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NBN not worried about 5G competition, completes own 5G tests

21 Nov 2018

The new CEO of Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN) has said he is not overly concerned about losing market share once 5G arrives, while the company has revealed completing its own 5G testing.

This is because NBN already competes with 4G offerings, Stephen Rue explained to media during the company's FY19 Q1 results call on Monday morning.

"One of the hot topics in our industry is how 5G will impact NBN. We are, as you would expect, well aware of the potential of 5G, and keep a close eye on developments, and the impact of wireless competition is built into our Corporate Plan forecast," Rue said.

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Craigie residents continue fight against Optus telecommunications tower at Camberwarra Park

21 Nov 2018

CRAIGIE residents are again fighting a proposed Optus telecommunications tower at Camberwarra Park.

About 95 people attended a community meeting at the park yesterday morning with Joondalup councillors Christopher May, Russell Poliwka and Mike Norman attending to hear residents’ concerns.

In May, councillors unanimously refused a 31.75m tower, which would be installed next to the tennis courts and toilet block and about 23m from the nearest residential property.

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5G the first technology to truly compete with NBN

21 Nov 2018

The looming rollout of 5G mobile networks should be embraced as a chance to improve telecommunications competition – including with the national broadband network (NBN) – according to the head of Australia’s consumer-competition watchdog.

The new technology will be “the first generation of mobile technology capable of delivering broadband services that are comparable to fixed services in terms of speed and capacity,” Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) chairman Rod Sims told a gathering of industry executives at the recent ACMA RadComms 2018 event

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New Lower Eyre mobile tower to be built

21 Nov 2018

Lower Eyre Peninsula will receive a new phone tower early next year as Optus rolls out more phone towers across South Australia, including locations in the Black Spot Program.

Optus announced on November 14 more than 40 new sites would be built by the end of March to provide greater coverage across the state.

Eyre Peninsula sites have been announced at Puntabie and Kongwirra, near Ceduna, as well as Farm Beach.

Puntabie and Farm Beach are two sites listed as Mobile Black Spots.

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Optus shells out $23.6m for 40 new towers in South Australia

17 Nov 2018

Optus has revealed it has made an additional investment of $23.6 million into its South Australian network towards the building of 40 new towers in the state.

The new sites will spread from Kangaroo Island up to Eyre Peninsula, covering major transport corridors, tourist areas and regional towns. The new sites will also include a further six federal and state government Mobile Black Spots.

The investment builds on a previous $45 million made in the last 12 months.

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New Optus towers to be installed on West Coast

17 Nov 2018

Optus has announced it will invest $23.6 million into its South Australian network by building more than 40 new sites, including on Eyre Peninsula, by the end of March 2019 to improve network coverage and provide faster download speeds for customers.

Included among the 43 planned towers are sites east of Ceduna at Kongwirra and Puntabie. 

Ceduna District Council chief executive officer Geoff Moffatt said this would be a boost for the region.

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Tatiara sites included in Optus upgrade

17 Nov 2018

Two Tatiara towns are among more than 40 South Australian sites to be included in a $23.6 million upgrade investment by Optus.

Wolseley and Tintinara East will have new towers built in a project to improve network coverage and faster download speeds for customers by March, 2019.

This builds on a $45 million investment by Optus across South Australia in the last 12 months.

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New phone towers expand coverage

17 Nov 2018

Travellers heading north from Carnarvon have improved mobile phone coverage thanks to six new mobile base stations along the coastal region.

Regional general manager Boyd Brown said the new towers would deliver mobile coverage along a 200km stretch from Carnarvon to Warroora, providing a service for communities and motorists on nearby roads. The new mobile base stations include sites at Inggarda, Boolathana, Point Quobba, Cape Cuvier, Minilya and Warroora.

“This is one of the biggest activations of mobile coverage that we’ve undertaken at one time in Western Australia,” Mr Brown said.

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Blackstone Heights phone tower development application lodged

17 Nov 2018

A development application for a mobile phone tower at Blackstone Heights has been lodged with the Meander Valley Council.

Zenith Court has been selected as the “most appropriate” site of the five locations that Telstra examined for the tower, the development application said.

Blackstone Heights community members, including residents of Zenith Court, strongly advocated against the tower being built so close to their houses.

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